Terms & Conditions | JDX BLINDS AUSTIN

General Notice

It is applied to each line item including parts and labor.

Problems Report

If you received the wrong product or it was damaged before installation, please contact our customer service department. order@austinjdx.com


Materials, operating mechanisms (including manual and motorized), and other parts are covered for 1 year, and 3 years for shutters. After the warranty expires, you will be charged for replacement parts on any order, and many products can still be repaired for a nominal charge. Manufacturer defects should be reported within 30 calendar days after installation. The warranty does not cover the cost of access equipment (scaffold, cherry picker, scissor lift, etc) or electrical works necessary for repairs, products that are requested outside recommended sizes published in the JDX blinds & curtains price list, any conditions caused by normal wear and tear, alterations and repairs to the product carried out by a distributor/ specialist, water damage, accidents, or misuse, and exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind or rain), discoloration over time.

Return Policy

All deposits are Non-Refundable unless you cancel the order within only 48 hours of the original purchase. The order is not subject to changes or cancellation after 48 hours. We are pleased to offer products that are custom-configured to your specification and we encourage you to review your order carefully. Because the products are built to your specifications, once the manufacturing process has started, the order cannot be changed, canceled, refunded, or returned. Therefore, it is important that you are sure of your purchase decisions prior to finalizing your order. Normally, the whole process from order to installation takes 2-3 weeks for blinds, and 3 months for shutters. The period can be variable.


  • JDX AUSTIN explains that all our products CAN NOT COMPLETELY blackout lights from the outside.

  • JDX AUSTIN explains that the delivery and installation date could be subject to change.

  • JDX AUSTIN explains that the order would be delivered in about 3 weeks.

  • JDX AUSTIN explains that this is the final order and can not be changed or replaced by the customer’s requests after confirming the order.

  • JDX AUSTIN explains that each blinds/shades that are already installed in the customer’s house must be removed prior to our installation visit. We charge $10 per window to remove existing blinds and $25 per window if we need to use the scaffolding.

  • JDX AUSTIN explains that any service requests after installation will have a flat visitation fee of $50.

  • JDX AUSTIN explains that in order to schedule the installation, all invoices must be paid in full.


  • Net Immediately on all invoices. In addition, Buyer shall pay all sales, use, customs, excise, or other taxes presently or hereafter payable in regards to this transaction, and Buyer shall reimburse Seller for any such taxes or charges paid (hereafter "Seller.")


  • Seller shall have the continuing right to approve Buyer’s credit. Seller may at any time demand advance payment, additional security, or guarantee of prompt payment. If Buyer refuses to give the payment, security or deposit demanded, Seller may terminate the Agreement, and refuse to deliver any undelivered goods and Buyer shall immediately become liable to Seller for the unpaid price of all goods delivered & for damages. Buyer agrees to pay Seller the cost of collection of overdue invoices, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by Seller in collecting said sums. F.O.B. point shall be the point of SHIP TO on the face hereof.


  • Upon due tender of goods for delivery at the F.O.B. point, all risk of loss or damage and other incidents of ownership passes to the Buyer, but Seller retains a security interest in the goods until the purchase price is paid. All deliveries are subject to weight at the shipping point which shall govern.


  • Buyer shall be liable for Seller’s damages including loss of reasonable profits, caused by Buyer’s default hereunder. If Seller, upon Buyer’s default, repossesses or retains any goods sold hereunder, Seller’s damages shall be the contract price of the goods plus freight, storage, handling & all other disposal costs incurred, less the then-current reasonable scrap value of the goods.

Therefore the customer, I understand these limitations and shall not make any issues concerning those items.

We hope you enjoyed your shopping experience with us and that you will visit us again soon.